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Capsule coffee Machine Carraro CN-Z0101


Compact coffee machine for good taste

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For Home & Individual, Office, company, Hotel, Restaurant, Coffee shop,

Type Drip Coffee & Capsule Machines

Brand Carraro

Code MCNZ0101B/W/R

Warranty 12 months

Status In stock


Product Infomation

CARRARO Capsule Machine
Model: CN-Z0101


Instead of faffing around with loose coffee, you simply add a pre-packaged pot of coffee to your machine, press a button, and wait for espresso to drip out of the spout.

Perfectly suited to all households, office, restaurant with its slick modern design and compact size. The Carraro model CN - Z0101 Coffee machine wouldn't be out of place in any kitchen or workplace. This machine is perfect for consumers who prefer coffee with little or no milk e.g. Espresso, Long Black, Short Black.



  • Chorme coffee outlet.

  • High-pressure pump 20bars: the ideal pressure for the perfect "crema" head.

  • Speedy and consecutively: instant heat up and fast first cup.
  • Automatic energy saving mode: energy saving automatic power-off.
  • Easy capsule insertion and automatic ejection of used capsules.

  • 1.0l removable water tank.
  • Programmable and automatic control of the volume of coffee.

- Size (WxHxD): 16.2 x 26 x 30.5 cm
- Material: ABS, Stainless steel
- Color: White/ Black/ Red
- Water tank: 1 L
- Voltage/ Power: 220-240V/ 1250-1450W
- Maximum pressure: 19 bar
- Automatic ejection of used capsules
- Energy saving automatic power-off
- Compatible with Nespresso size
- Italian brand, made in: China



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