This is a multi use test kit and includes 2 separate tests, one for calcium, the main mineral behind scale build up, CH ° and a Total Hardness test which is used when testing the water for the Premium range of BWT cartridges, TH °
This easy to use home or cafe test kit is an ideal way to verify your water hardness level prior to purchasing a water filter or use it as a random check that your current filter is performing correctly.
This is a simple chemical kit, just count the drops into the tumbler with a measured amount of water. Each drop counts as 20 ppm of hardness or 1 degree German hardness, count the drops until the sample turns colour.
Universal droplet hardness tester for general water. Helpful in determining the hardness of water in the used water system (indispensable in the case of assembly and commissioning of the water filtration system).
The tester allows for multiple measurements (depending on the water hardness, it can be 10 measurements and 30 measurements - the efficiency depends on the degree of hardness of the water tested.) The tester determines the water hardness in German degrees (they are commonly used in Poland).
 In the case where the water hardness is higher than 5-6 degrees dH, the water is already qualified for softening and filtration in order to achieve optimal parameters of the coffee drink.
In addition, water softening protects the elements of espresso machines and vending machines against lime scale (boiler scale).

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