Grinder Kenia-Tron


Spectacularly silent … unique in the world
The constant search for innovation and technological challenges are the corporate signs of Cunill, whose result is the soundproofing of the lastest creation, KENIA-TRON INOX 63dB. This automatic grinder's main feature is that it is nearly silent, at just 63dB and new expulsion system for the ground coffee (Always leaving the grinding cavity clean when the grinder stops)

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Brands Cunill


Warranty 12 months

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Product Infomation

CUNILL Grinder 

The electronic coffee grinder for medium use

The model Kenia-Tron is equipped with the successful anti-vibration system and silencer motor Cunill of 63 dB.
Inox and technology….the perfect combination

Touch screen
Easy programming and intuitive use for the professional barista.


Soft Touch

The control panel "Soft Touch" with its keypad and LED lights, can set three different dosages: single dose, double dose and personal dose, for greater adaptability to the specific needs of each barista

The perfect ground. 
More comfortable, more homogeneous, more fresh, perfect. Quality assurance from the first to the last espresso of the day.

Match the coffee machine with the wished time to fill the cup and adjust the milling of the coffee bean to make a perfect espresso coffee.

Innovative design adapted entirely in front of the mill for pressing functionality and coffee press support.


- Size (WxHxD): 21 x 51 x 38 cm
- Material: Stainless steel
- Color: Grey-Black
- Bean Hopper: 1 Kg
- Voltage/ Power: 220-230V/ 356W
- Weight: 11 Kg
- Productivity: 0-500gr/ 6’
- Tempered steel grinding wheel (62HRc): 60mm
- Motor supplied with thermal protector
- Multi-language touch screen
- Air noise: 63dB
- Made in Spain 


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