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The identity of the new Aurelia. Wave like water, wave like the mark on the side. But this is only the beginning. Because their technology will amaze you, not just once, but five times, because five are the topics Nuova Simonelli has set by raising the technology bar of their coffee machines.

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Product Infomation

Coffee machine Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave 2 Groups Volumetric

The new Aurelia Wave. The perfection times five.

Wave: The identity of the new Aurelia. Wave like water, wave like the mark on the side. But this is only the beginning. Because their technology will amaze you, not just once, but five times, because five are the topics Nuova Simonelli has set by raising the technology bar of their coffee machines:

1. The water
2. The sustainability
3. The quality of the espresso
4. The digital information
5. The ergonomics

Smart Water Technology

Water is a basic element of coffee and has a significant impact on both the quality of the drink and the reliability of the machine. Thanks to the Smart Water Technology, Aurelia Wave captures the most important parameters of the incoming water and immediately indicates when the quality changes. With these words, it seems a matter of course, but no coffee maker has been able to do so, although 50-70% of the water is responsible for the reliability issues. The Barista has the security of using good quality water and saves on handling the machine. The Wave of Aurelia Wave is a clear and simple revolution and the benefits you enjoy are clear and transparent.

  • Protects your machine providing it a longer life.
  • Lowers maintenance and purchase costs of filter cartridges.
  • Guarantees the constant quality of coffee.

The sustainability

Aurelia Wave is designed to reduce electricity costs and reduce the impact on the environment because you can always count on sustainability. The respect and appreciation of the world in which we all live has become a veritable obsession for Nuova Simonelli, one of the goals we set ourselves in the first phase of the design and development of a new coffee machine. For us, this represents a significant expenditure, for you a considerable saving.

  • Guaranteed savings in energy consumption
  • Makes your business environmentally friendly
  • It is the machine more consistent with environmental certifications

The quality of the espresso

With Aurelia Wave, Nuova Simonelli reaches a new goal in the science of extraction with the Pulse-Jet, the new patented technology that enables the optimization of flow rate and water pressure in the dispensing phase. The result? You'll discover never-before-seen extraction profiles: a wide array of flavors, nuances, smells and tastes that will astonish you, but give you a satisfied smile while enjoying a unique coffee. Technology does not matter to us unless it enhances your job and the daily happiness of your guests.

  • It allows you to discover new extraction profiles to enhance your coffee.
  • It improves the quality of coffee that you offer to your customers.
  • Allows you to personalize your coffee.


The digital information

The new Aurelia Wave is the first professional, so comprehensive and in their use simple coffee machine, which has an interface with Remote Control. With a simple touch, you have all phases of extraction, preparation, dispensing and cleaning under control. You have every aspect of the machine in view. To easily improve your performance, the Espresso Management System allows you to view and compare the statistics of the hourly, daily, weekly and monthly data in order to determine best practices. All this always at hand, even on your smartphone. We know very well that the quality of the coffee you offer in your café is also the fruit of your daily commitment and therefore we strive not only to improve the coffee:

  • Allows you to always have the all-round control over the performance of the machine. 
  • Displays the critical points so you can intervene promptly. 
  • Allows a simple overview and increase of the qualitative achievements and the consumption

 The ergonomics of the coffee machine

In the beginning there was Aurelia, the first machine in the world with an ergonomic certification. With Aurelia II Nuova Simonelli have reached new standards in ergonomics and today we can say that the new Aurelia Wave is the most ergonomic machine ever. Try it, and find out how easy it can make your job. With its new patented Auto-purge system, the cleansing of the sprayheads happens automatically when unplugging the filter holder. In addition, the new quick coupling system of the sprayheads makes cleaning easy. The Milk-light now only activates when using the wands, ensuring functionality and energy savings. Nuova Simonelli have also repositioned the dispensing buttons in order to allow you to press the buttons directly with the thumb of the same hand used to engage the filter holder. After all, what is the purpose of technology if not improving human life?

  • Simplifies and reduces routine operations, protecting the well-being of the barista
  • Increases productivity and speed of service.
  • Improves the cleanliness and hygiene of the sprayheads for excellent service.

Pre-set scenarios. An increasingly rich menu with a touch 

With Aurelia Wave, even programming is simple and straightforward: various pre-set scenarios allow the barista to change the extraction settings with a single click. Pre-set scenarios act on the main parameters (such as volumes and temperature of the boiler, group boiler and group) to adapt to the various types of coffee. Everything is done using the 4.3" touch screen. Every operation is as simple and intuitive as with your smartphone, and the result is the satisfaction of your customers.

Easycream system. Frothing milk has never been easier

Aurelia Wave is also available with the Easycream system, which allows the barista to obtain a dense, velvety milk cream quickly and automatically. An extremely flexible technology that allows the barista to set the temperature and the density of the milk. Just press the button and the Easycream wand begins its work: in a first phase, it balances steam and air injection, then interrupts the airflow and only emits vapor that, with tangential holes at different inclination on the wand terminal, gives milk a rotary movement blending its texture. When the optimal temperature is reached, it stops automatically. Milk is ready. Aurelia Wave allows the barista to choose two different temperatures and two different densities on each wand to quickly respond to customer needs.

Hot water with a temperature control system

With Aurelia Wave you can choose hot water at three different temperatures and with three different preset volumes to customize your infusion menu. Each tea variety will have its ideal temperature and each customer will enjoy the preferred amount of water. Preparation is easy, directly from the display.

PROPERTIES: Coffee machine Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave 2 Groups Volumetric

  • Size (WxHxD): 80.2 x 53.7 x 60.5 cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel with ABS
  • Color: Black/White/Red
  • Groups/ Version: 2 Group/ 2 available version Volumetric or T3 technology
  • Boiler Capacity: 14L
  • Display: TFT (Volumetric version), touch screen (T3 version)
  • Voltage/ Power: 230-380V/ 5100W (Volumetric version), 230-380V/7000W (T3 version)
  • Independent temperature programming for each group
  • Smart Water Technology - detects basic water parameters and warns when quality changes
  • Weight: 86kg
  • Made in Italy

Recommended price is applied for Volumetric version

Coffee machine Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave 2 Groups Volumetric

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