This Melitta Purista automatic coffee machine is a special edition to celebrate the 111 years of the Melitta brand. This machine can make from 35-40 cups of espresso / day, suitable for offices, families or small cafes.

Gift: When buying this product, customer will receive 1 kg Italy bean coffee as gift. Italy bean coffee will be chosen flexibly in 3 types: Globo Oro, Globo Rosso, Globo Arabica depending on the stock.

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Product Information


As the name suggests, Purista® has only one mission: to make coffee that does what coffee has to do - taste really good! Purista® is one of the narrowest fully automatic coffee machines in the world. A modern front panel, large, integrated buttons and a large rotary switch ensure easy handling. The newly designed drip tray has a stainless steel drip plate with an integrated high-quality anti-scratch plastic insert.


máy pha cà phê tự động melitta purista

Whisperquiet grinder

You can drink freshly ground coffee while everyone else sleeps. Your fully automatic coffee machine has a super-quiet steel cone grinder that grinds the coffee beans quickly and quietly.

máy pha cà phê tự động melitta purista

Favourite coffee feature

You know what you want and it has to be fast? Then save your preferred coffee strength and amount. Afterwards you simply have to press the favourite coffee button. The rest is done by your fully automatic coffee machine.

máy pha cà phê tự động melitta purista

A slim miracle

The Purista® is really slim - only 20 cm wide! We don‘t need more space than that for the high-quality Melitta® technology.

máy pha cà phê tự động melitta purista

Melitta® Companion® App

Want to know more? Then download the Melitta® Companion® app to your smartphone. The practical information and tutorials are best explored over a cup of coffee. Fast service is of course also available with the app.

máy pha cà phê tự động melitta purista

Adjustable coffee strength

Strong in the morning, but preferably not in the evening? Just as you like - the intensity of the coffee strength is easy to adjust to your current taste from mild to medium to strong. You can adjust the amount of coffee, too, of course. Variable - exactly the way you like it.

máy pha cà phê tự động melitta puristamay-pha-cafe-tu-dong-melitta-purista

Aromatic Coffee Enjoyment

The new pump control guarantees an ideal contact time between coffee and water. You can now enjoy two classics Espresso and Café Crème with even better developed flavours.

Aroma-Extraction-System (A.E.S.)

More flavour with pre-brewing: The freshly ground coffee is moistened with water before the actual brewing process. As a result, the flavours dissolve better and where do they end up? In your coffee, of course.

máy pha cà phê tự động melitta purista

Service button

You want simplicity? Certainly! The service button gives you simple access to the cleaning and descaling programme, the brewing temperature and water hardness settings and the auto-off feature. Changing the filter is a piece of cake, too.

Máy pha cà phê tự động melitta purista

Five grinder settings

Coffee just the way you like it - freshly ground from whole beans.

máy pha cà phê tự động melitta purista

Double Cup Mode

It’s better together - The Double Cup Mode allows you to make two cups of espresso or café crème at the same time. It is of course also suitable for those who drink a lot of coffee.

LED-Symbol display

It goes without saying - the LED display with red symbols makes using the fully automatic coffee machine simple and convenient.

máy pha cà phê tự động melitta purista

Height adjustable coffee outlet

The outlet is height-adjustable up to 135 mm so that you can also use glasses or extra large mugs. Without having to use special tools of course.


The newly designed drip tray has a stainless steel drip plate with an integrated high-quality anti-scratchplastic insert.

máy pha cà phê tự động melitta puristamay-pha-cafe-tu-dong-melitta-puristamay-pha-cafe-tu-dong-melitta-purista

Removable brewing unit

It would be nice if it were easy, wouldn‘t it? With Melitta® it is... The complete brewing unit is easy to remove and is simple to clean. The interior of the machine is accessible and can be cleaned without any problems.

Automatic cleaning and descaling programme

Communication is everything. Your fully automatic coffee machine informs you on the display when it needs to be cleaned or descaled.

PROPERTIES: Automatic coffee machine Melitta Purista special version

- Size (WxHxD): 20 x 32.5 x 45.5 cm
- Weight: 8.3 Kg
- Voltage/ Power: 220-240V/ 1,450W
- Water tank: 1.2 L
- Bean Container size: 125g
- Capacity: 30 - 35 espresso cups/day
- Coffee spout adjustment: 135 mm

Automatic coffee machine Melitta Purista

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