Balanced, bright acidity, rich, sweet aftertaste.

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Product Information

UCC Coffee Roastery sources the finest coffee beans globally and Vietnamese-grown beans. We operate business transperancy of our supply chain, un compromising quality of cup to seed process and locally roasts, ensuring delivering fresh coffee blends. 

Coffee is more than a product – it's the way to a passionate life.

At UCC, we believe that coffee is more than a product – it’s the foundation to a passionate life and successful business. Our love for coffee grows deeper through the generations. Through our corporate principle – ‘Good Coffee Smile’ – our goal is to deliver fun, joyful and delightful life experiences with each flavourful
cup of coffee.

Coffee is the seed of a passionate life.

It’s all on us to make sure that we protect our community and the environment, and our responsibility to introduce unique flavours that do justice to our farms and farmers. This is why we choose to adopt sustainable sourcing and honest practices.


Our coffee is grown responsibly by plantations that comply with the farming standards of The Rainforest Alliance. We go the distance to protect the well-being of our ecosystems so that we can continue to produce coffee with sustainability in mind.


Stringent quality checks are implemented throughout the production process. They ensure that only the best and most sustainably grown green coffee beans are exported to Japan based on our very own ‘UCC quality’ standards. This mark of assurance is known as the strictest local inspection, maintaining original quality standards such as screen size, number of defects, and cup standard.

Once in Japan, the beans are subjected to another round of strict quality inspection by a coffee appraiser (Classificador). Only the high-quality green beans that pass the inspection can be imported to factories nationwide.


Roasted coffee beans reveal their full flavour and aromatic potential. UCC employs a unique Aroma Freezing Manufacturing Method (Patent No. 3617906), where freshly roasted beans are immediately frozen at a temperature of -2°C to lock in the aroma. These beans will then go through a standalone roasting process in smaller batches, individually roasted before the final blend to maximise its characteristics from each production area.


This magical stage turns each small-bactch of roasted coffee beans into grounds. Precision is paramount here as the grind consistency makes a big difference to the taste. That's why we're always in awe of the expertise , intuition and experience of our master-grinders, who have honed the skills of the perfect grind every time.


* Product Details:

- Roasted beans 500g

- 40% Arabica 60% Robusta

- Medium Roast

- Nice aroma, dark chocolate, low acidity, strong body.


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